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Empower Your Site with 5-star Backlinks

Authoritative permanent link building through pages found via one-on-one webmaster communication.

Our qualified team prospects publishers using internal proprietary software looking for sites that are semantically relevant to your niche or product.

  • Links will be placed on pages with high quality content already in place.
  • Over 15 different metrics checked to make sure the site and page is in good standing.
  • All advertisements will be placed within the HTML body of the page in question, therefore a true in-content link.
  • We do the research, outreach, placement and monitoring.
  • Pages are ranking for semantically relevant terms.

Links will be placed on higher authority domains and on existing, aged pages with link popularity of two and higher. The various metrics used to assess page quality is what makes these links so effective.

How You Benefit

  • Find relevant links in virtually any niche.
  • Increase authority and trust in the engines.
  • Flat, one-time pricing.
  • In-HTML body links.
  • Contextually relevant.
  • Links guaranteed for at least one year.
  • Full report as the links are built.
  • Increase number of linking domains; not just link volume.
  • Diversify your backlink profile.

Webmaster Outreach Links
$850 each (minimum 5)

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